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Saw Bus Sisters was created when two friends noticed the educational discrepancy between how kids acquire the STEM skills needed to be successful in life and what is being taught in schools. As veteran educators, we recognized that children learn best through participatory, real-world, hands-on activities. Those students who are fortunate enough to develop skills of inquiry, problem solving and independent thinking from an early age generally go on to be leaders in science, technology, and the arts. Sadly, many children do not get the opportunity to develop these strengths and to experience the self-satisfaction and joy of designing, creating, and trying something new.

In response, we spent many long nights and had frequent heart-felt discussions about how to best remedy failing, traditional education. Finally, we reached our “aha” moment, and the concept behind the Saw Bus Sisters mobile workshop took form.

With determination and womanpower, we launched our dream by purchasing and rehabbing a 2001 Thomas International School Bus into our mobile craft workshop. At the same time, we stayed busy honing our own skills and expertise by creating and building as many projects together as possible,
intending these to be both models for our students and inspiration for ourselves.

We refinished barn doors, repurposed tables, and designed festive holiday decor, all the while mastering the ins and outs of detailing, painting and staining furniture and wooden crafts. Through these labors of love, we gained the awesome feelings of accomplishment and empowerment that come through CREATING, and now we want to instill these attitudes and sensations in your child!

Hands on learning and creating

STEM Integration

Team building collaboration and communication



The Saw Bus Sisters workshop is a renovated 2001 Thomas International school bus
which has been gutted, designed and created into a mobile trade school. You can follow
the journey on Instagram / facebook / photo gallery.

Kelsey is co-owner and a current speech language pathologist who works with children in the areas of communication, language and executive functioning skills. Kelsey’s innate ability to work with children and meet their individual needs is not only a gift, but a calling. Her excitement to start Saw Bus Sisters stems from wanting children to feel empowered to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Kelsey has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education and a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology. With a unique background, Kelsey is excited to combine her passion for DIY and teaching. Kelsey loved gutting, designing and repurposing their school bus into something innovative and new!


Maria is co-owner, a former teacher and current woodworker. Maria was an elementary school teacher for six years until she began to pursue her passion in woodworking full time. Maria’s love for woodworking began when she was five years old. She followed her father around with plastic tools until she purchased her own set and has never stopped building! She has worked in design and construction with custom built furniture, and has a specialty in high-end antiques. You might be able to spot many of these pieces around town at your favorite local spots! Maria has Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Studies and a Master’s degree in Curriculum Development. Maria’s favorite hobby is hunting for “street treats”, discarded furniture to repair and refurbish!